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        Julier Pass

        In August, we went to St.Moritz in Switzerland for a styled shoot. If you’re wondering what a Styled Shoot is, here’s a short explanation: service providers from different sectors come together, work on a project. Each one contributes something of his or her performance to the final result—this way, the products and service providers are presented to the target group. I know so-called Styled Shoots from the wedding business where someone (usually a wedding planner) organises a shoot where photographers, filmmakers, models, decorators, stylists, florists, wedding dress suppliers, suit designers come together and present their repertoire. For the Styled Shoot in St. Moritz, the location, the hotel, was in the foreground. For the Styled Shoot in Switzerland Julia and I took pictures and filmed. You can find the photos and the film here. We met the model who “played” the bride again on the way home from St.Moritz back to Bregenz to do a free shoot with her. You can find the photos here.