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        If you feel like you need a little break from your everyday creative hustle biz and want to connect and relax with other creatives in a beautiful surrounding – this might be for you!

        I am hosting a retreat in Sri Lanka which gives you time and space to “switch off“, enjoy life, exchange ideas with other creative geniuses, brainstorm together, dip into the sea, do yoga, go surfing, indulge in delicious food and learn new skills which fill up your feel good tank.

        A retreat all about connecting in a relaxed, lo-fi atmosphere in tropical surroundings where there is also space for quiet “you-time”.

        This is for you if you:

        • need a break from everyday creative hustle life
        • want to connect with fellow creatives
        • want to look after your body and soul
        • want to charge your batteries with a bit of off time in a beautiful surrounding
        • get weird and philosophize

        The retreat will include:

        • accomodation in a beautiful villa in Sri Lanka
        • delicious food
        • optional group excursions to surrounding areas
          (like surfing / snorkelling / cooking class )
        • Yoga class