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        Category: Free projects

        April 29, 2020

        Mountains of Japan

        Moments of a six week snowboarding roadtrip through Japan.
        April 22, 2020

        Speculative, Critical Design und Design Activism

        This master thesis deals with the research question of an extended understanding about design concerning social change in relation to feminist theory. The thesis is situated between design, critique a...
        Februar 20, 2019


        City strolls through Tokyo.
        April 29, 2017

        Robin – Magazin

        As part of my master's thesis on "Speculative Design, Critical Design and Design Activism - using the example of gender (in)equality", I developed a magazine as a practical part of the work. In a hypo...
        April 22, 2015


        These collage series show dystopian future scenarios: a world in which bankers have so much money that they have their own exclusive mountain built for their lunch breaks. In a world where the effects...