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        Nadine & Marie

        For me, portrait photography is about authenticity, and about capturing people as naturally as possible. Be it a spontaneous snapshot taken in the workplace, or a studio shoot, when I portray individual people or companies, I like to clarify in advance exactly what my clients want, so that I can align my approach and work process beforehand. Whether it’s simple employee portraits, or whole-company images that you need, I’ll work hard to get the perfect set of images to fit your needs.


        For commercial photography projects, I can create something more exciting than the standard back-lit/ white background employee images… In order to present a company as authentically as possible, I believe a more holistic approach is required. I like to take a closer look, to find out what makes the company special; what its roots and values are, and what facets should be captured in my work.

        Multi-portrait series are an excellent way to achieve this. After all, the crucial element of any company is its employees – the people that make it work. I like to capture specific work processes and tools, as well as to create a portrayal of the company’s overall philosophy. I think it is important to put things in context, so I always visit companies on site, look over the shoulders of people at work, get to know them and capture all the small details.


        My approach to portrait photography

        I like to photograph people in a natural, informal way. I find that most people don’t really like to be photographed because, as people often tell me,  they’re ‘not photogenic’. That’s why I always try to chat to people and create a comfortable, relaxed environment. I’ll offer you a little advice about how to act in front of the camera, and voila! Authentic, individualised portraits are created.

        After the portrait session (on location or in the studio) the next stage is post-production selection and editing. We’ll have discussed in advance what tonality the photos should have. Whether you’d like the pictures to be bright and have a more corporate look, whether they should have an analogue touch or should be highly edited and moody…this is where I’ll add all the extra touches. After optimising exposure, white balance, the angle and the look, I will lastly discuss retouching with the customer and finalise the pictures.

        For classic portraits, I offer two options: 

        The mobile studio – I’ll come directly to the site and take studio portraits on location. Depending on what fits your needs, we can go for a neutral background or use the existing environment and natural lighting. 

        Hörbranz – You can visit me at our professional studio near to Lake Constance, west Austria. 

        If you would like a bespoke portrait series of yourself and your loved ones, your family or you and a partner, take a look at my other work at Myrtle Weddings, where I specialise in wedding and couples’ photography.