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        bundo kanduang April 29, 2020

        Koto Gadang – Sumatra

        Visiting Koto Gadang, a small village in West Sumatra.
        April 29, 2020

        Mountains of Japan

        Moments of a six week snowboarding roadtrip through Japan.
        Bukittinggi market portraits April 29, 2020

        Faces from Bukittinggi

        For the Minangkabau project we spent almost three weeks in Bukittinggi, a small town in the tropical highlands of West Sumatra.
        April 29, 2020

        Voces del Atrato I

        In August 2017 the Climate Alliance Vorarlberg went to the Chocó, a rainforest region in Colombia. Together with Angelina Tschögl and in cooperation with Daniel Sperl, the coordinator of the Climate A...
        Girls snowboard film January 29, 2020

        Snow Island – Film

        Five weeks of a girls snowboarding winter road trip cut together to a short travel film.
        February 20, 2019


        City strolls through Tokyo.
        portrait japanese boy February 20, 2019


        Walking around Tokyo.
        village choco April 29, 2017

        Voces del Atrato II

        Continuation of the journey along the Rio Atrato in Colombia. You can watch the film here.