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          The best stories are not created or invented by me, but are discovered. I make films that inspire, educate, introduce, and make curious. From heartwarming videos, to honest stories, to cinematic commercials. Stories and events that cannot be captured by photography alone become more tangible through the medium of film. Through my former employment at the London company Lonelyleap, which specialised in documentary style films and commercial videos, I was able to gain valuable experience in the field of film production and bring some of their approaches to Austria. 

          What my working process for movies looks like: 

          Part 1: Research and discovery – because no story can be told without knowing the people and the content behind it. I like to listen, I work with others, I question things. I’m looking into details, looking for the right angle, and finding the core of the story. The aim of this phase in the process of film production is a meaningful discovery of the project and its story behind it in order to produce tailor-made, engaging film. 

          Part 2: Production – I balance between planned structure and sufficient freedom in the creation phase of the film production. I implement my client’s goals in an authentic way to produce captivating narratives with an aesthetic cinematography that suits companies. The film end product should not look like a conventional advertising video or all-smooth corporate video, but should be an authentic, aesthetic film that people enjoy to watch. 

          Part 3: Distribution: I advise companies on how to use the online environment to communicate messages in film form. Smart campaigns appeal to a diverse audience and inspire people to access the films and share them with others. To do this, I produce the right film formats for the right platforms. Because with the production of the film alone – it is not done, suitable platforms with a publishing strategy is half the rent. For this I work with other companies in Vorarlberg and Austria, so that the film is seen by the right target group in the end.

          How elaborate is the production of an image film or advertising video? 

          It depends on how extensive the film is meant to be. In any case, it does not always have to be an elaborate, extensive advertising film. In times of social media platforms, such as Instagram, where videos are limited to one minute, shorter film formats are becoming more and more interesting. That’s why I would first ask if you are looking for a whole image film, or if short moving images or product 

          videos would be more appropriate. And what, of course, are the customer’s budget in general – if the budget is rather smaller, I find a suitable film format for this. 

          Content for Instagram, which consists of moving image, stands out from photos and convey messages on a more emotional level. Whether in the high-format Instagram Story, in the one-minute movie in the feed or a longer clip for IGTV. Cinematic shots, which are filmed with a real camera, rather than a phone, cut together and have a harmonious color grading – stand out from the conventional mobile footage of the Instagram stories. Videos consisting of text-picture combinations bring information to the audience in a compact and effective way. Texts and infographics can be animated. Short video messages, in the appropriate format (as in portrait format for Insta-Stories, single-minuted for the feed or longer for IGTV) often reach even a larger audience than a classic image film, which is put on Vimeo. On half a shooting day or less, I can collect enough video material to create short brand messages in moving images that are packed in short clips to share them in social media. But YouTube and Vimeo also have their advantages – depending on the film, we find the right platform. We would also clarify where the content should be viewed geographically – is the target group in Bregenz, Vorarlberg, whole of Austria, Europe or international? Aspects such as these should be clarified before production, so that the films are finally seen by the right people. Especially in the Vorarlberg, Switzerland and Liechtenstein area, there are interesting possibilities in the field of tourism, which can deviate from the conventional advertising video and alternative forms of production of videos can be implemented. 

          If the content to be dealt with, is more complex and multilayered, the approach becomes more extensive. Then I like to work with other people working in the field of film in the Vorarlberg area. Then some questions would have to be clarified, such as: Should the film present a specific project or convey the philosophy of a company? Or would an educational institution or a cultural institution like to present its work? Or should a product be presented and it goes towards  a commercial? Or does a company want to address younger target groups, and is perhaps looking for apprentices or new employees? Should an event be captured? Thus, we determine in advance whether it should go more towards an image film, product video, advertising video, film portrait, short documentary, recruiting film, interview or event film. 

           Our studio can be found in Hörbranz, 10 minutes from Bregenz – at the westernmost tip of Austria. Right next to Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany. 

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